D'ARMATI saved me from my headaches.

Hey dear ones!

I'm going to make the introduction a short one and tell you straight up, why am I here exactly. Most of you, if not everyone already know that I've been using, for many months now, D'Armati blue light blocking glasses and I'm totally a fan, possibly even their number one fan, who knows. Due to my blog and my passion towards photography I spend most of my time behind a computer or my phone, and lets be honest, eyes get tired really quick. I personally suffer most from just plain pain through my eyes, which makes me want to overly rub them and just generally make me feel really unpleasant. Another thing, that's been happening for quite some time now, especially during night time, are the countless number of headaches... I can live with them, but it affects me as a person the most and just makes me cranky which is followed up, by me just getting triggered by the slightest of things and making others feel bad like they are to blame. Because I am the kind of person, who only turns to painkillers, when there literally is no other option but to be forced to take them, I had to find another, a better solution to controlling my countless headaches. By pure luck, after finding D'Armati blue light glasses, they helped me incredibly well. I can't say the headaches are 100% gone now, but truth be told, it is much less frequent and on a lower scale, as well as my eyes are in good condition by the end of the night.

Another thing I really like about the glasses, is that when it's time to sleep, it is much easier and less troublesom as it has been in the past. In the past I knew that for me to go to sleep I always had to just stare at the ceiling for multiple hours, twitching in bed, it was HORRIBLE. As it stands right now, this problem is history. After I close my eyes, it just takes a few minutes for me to fall asleep. You have no idea how good that feels.


Who doesn't already know, D'Armati blue light blocking glasses protect you from the incoming blue light, and as I mentioned before, they help with headaches, falling asleep and they just look so pretty. I couldn't be more satisfied, D'Armati saved me from my headaches, and I couldn't be more thankful.

But don't just belive me, I recently asked one of my last giveaway winners, what did they think of the glasses and if they had even been of any help, want to know what she told me?

I am very satisified with the glasses. If before my eyes were super tired by the end of the night, then now it is so much better. Additionally, what my spouse noticed, is that for a while now I haven't been venting about my headaches, I myself didn't even realise it but when I thought about it, it really is true. So all in all a great win...

- Kadi-Liis Kristel

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